5 Reasons Why Addella is PERFECT for Recent Grads

It’s no secret that we’re facing a paradox that our parents didn’t- “To get a job, you need experience and to gain experience – you need a job”. With thousands of new graduates joining the work force each year, the competition to snag a rewarding career is growing and the job market as we know it – can’t keep up. So what now?

Typically, you have a few options: Go back to school and get your master’s, travel for a few months or find a company that will provide training and offer career opportunities. The first two options will require more money and keep you off the job market longer while the last option will boost your bank account and give you that coveted experience that your resume desperately  needs. If you’re looking for the latter, please keep reading.

Addella is fueled by the energy and ambition of recent graduates who start in an entry-level role. 95% of our team are university/college alumni who graduated with B.A’s in Business, Communications, Political Science, Arts, Psychology, Science etc.

We recognize that the experience gained during a post-secondary career is a huge asset to our company because it takes a lot of discipline, work ethic and ambition to earn that degree, and those 3 things are the perfect foundation for starting at the entry-level.  Here are 5 reasons why Addella is the PERFECT company for Recent Grads (of all kinds)


1. We Provide Full Training

Providing comprehensive direct sales and marketing training  is where it all starts for an entry-level partner in our company. We developed a training program that allows somebody with little to zero experience in the industry learn how to effectively build rapport, reduce skepticism, deliver strong presentations, use impulsing and close sales – within a 6 day period. The training is a combination of boardroom/classroom lessons and 1-1 field work with an experienced leader/trainer.

2. Opportunities to Advance and Travel Abroad

We don’t believe in hiring outside managers or partners to lead our organization – every single promotion is filled internally, and based on performance NOT tenure or seniority. Sure, this business model is used in other companies – but what makes it unique at Addella? It’s simple: the leadership team at Addella have big goals matched with a  relentless commitment to expand into the European market in the next two years-  for the right people, there are multiple leadership/management positions available in Europe and Canada.

3. You Can Earn More Than Your Resume Qualifies You For

Is your resume loaded with extra-curricular/volunteer experience, retail, hospitality or customer service positions?  Unfortunately in this economy, this resume won’t land you the job that will help pay off any loans or student debt that was racked up over the past few years. The great thing about the professional sales industry is that entry-level roles are typically based on performance, and for those willing to work hard and put in extra effort can earn between $500-$1000/weekly income. (Which is above average for entry-level wages/salaries)

4. The People Here Are Awesome

Our biggest asset is our people. Since we provide face to face sales and consulting services for some of Canada’s largest companies, they expect a high calibre individual to represent their brand. We go through an in-depth interview process to ensure that we build a team of people who have strong character and high integrity. We don’t always recruit the people we want; we recruit WHO WE ARE. It’s crucial that we maintain high standards for the sake of our client relationships and the future growth of our business.

5. The Education Never Stops

Since the growth of our company relies on the leadership development of the team; the learning will never end. Even after the initial 6 day training, there is on-going mentoring and coaching for different areas of development. High performers receive one-on-one coaching from senior management and also earn the opportunities to travel within North America to network and learn from other industry-leaders. Our motto: “If you want to earn more, learn more”

If any or all of the above describe the type of company you want to be a part of, send in your resume for immediate consideration. We are highly motivated to find the right people who can be a part of the exciting international expansion plans we are beginning to put into action. please visit our career page  HERE to submit your application. Good luck!


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