Here at Addella, we believe that learning doesn’t end in the classroom. The only way we will continue to exceed our client’s expectations is to constantly develop our people through ongoing training and education. Our commitment to this idea is executed through planning & attending annual sales & marketing networking conferences (quarterly and annually) to give our team an opportunity to network with other top performers in the industry. We are confident that our results are driven by our ability to deliver a consistent effort in coaching and mentoring the future leaders of our business.

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For the top performers in our organization, we provide as many opportunities as possible to network and travel to cities all around North America. We believe in the ‘work hard, play hard’ motto; therefore each year, we invite a select group to head south for some well-deserved R&R. Of course, it’s possible to mix both work and pleasure, which is why we frequently spend time in cities like LA, Montreal, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Chicago and Dallas to network with other professionals in our industry.


We learned about Operation Smile two years ago and were instantly touched by their mission to forever change the lives of children who are born with cleft palates and do not have the resources to receive the surgery to repair it. Here at Addella, we acknowledge the virtue of compassion; that our lives have more meaning than what we do for ourselves. Our benevolent efforts are to continuously do things for others who can never pay us back.

Throughout the year we will organize sports tournaments, bake sales and fundraiser events/parties to raise money for Operation Smile. For $240, they are able to perform one surgery for a child in need living in the developing world who would otherwise, go untreated.