Who are your clients?

Our clients must meet the following criteria:

• Have an established and positive nationwide reputation
• Have the infrastructure to support hundreds of our sales and marketing reps
• Offer competitive pricing and exclusive promotions for our team
• Have the best products and services in the market

Due to confidentiality agreements, we are unable to publicly disclose our client names. Candidates who are selected for a preliminary interview learn about our current clients and campaign assignments.

What kind of sales do you do?

We specialize in Business to Business and Business to Consumer, face to face sales. This involves initial approach and customer acquisition. Our professionals work on the front-end of the sales cycle where our job is to build interest in our client’s products/services and deliver a long term profitable customer who they retain and manage.

Our team does not function as account managers or telephone cold-calling representatives. We generate our own leads through face to face introductions and relationship building.

We overcome the obstacles and barriers in obtaining a customer that cannot be achieved through traditional forms of marketing and advertising.

What is the compensation for entry-level?

The great thing about professional sales is that it’s based on a performance structure – this allows entry-level candidates to earn more than their resume and experience qualifies them for. Compensation varies on campaign and role – and is discussed during the screening process.

The purpose of our interview process is to carefully select a candidate who can be successful in the role but more importantly, have the potential to grow into higher level leadership and management positions.

Compensation structures change as an individual advances; resulting in higher commissions, salary options and profit sharing.

Will this involve door-to-door sales?

Most people refer to door to door sales as residential canvassing (B2C sales). At this time, we have two different campaigns for two different clients and one of them is a B2C campaign. What makes our B2C program unique is that we are provided leads by our client so we are promoting and selling directly to qualified customers and not wasting time speaking to existing customers. Our B2C campaign will not involve energy sales, street/in-store promotions or fundraising – the clients we represent are industry-leaders and are looking to gain market share through account acquisitions.

Campaign assignment is determined during the interview process and the advertisement that you, the candidate, would apply to online. Both programs offer the same opportunity to develop and grow with the company long term.